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Directional Spirit Mists

Our Directional Spirit Mists invite you to experience the power of plant medicine through aromatherapy. Dedicated to the Four Directions, North, South, East & West, each one offers a unique portal to grounding, clarity, awakening, and energetic cleansing.

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South Directional Mist Spray

Awaken • Intuition • Illumination

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Represented by the element of fire, South helps us reignite our passions and desires by connecting us to our intuition and awakening our life force. This spray is perfect if you’re feeling lost or disconnected from joy, or if you need a boost of creativity. South is here to wake us up to the life we are meant to live.

East Directional Mist Spray

Inspiration • Renewal • Clarity

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East is represented by the element of Air and she is here to usher in a new breath. She helps us find hope and joy for the journey ahead and fills us with wonder and peace as our story unfolds. She is a new day. A new idea. A new beginning. This spray is perfect for when you’re starting a new endeavor our you need a reminder that everyday offers us a new start.

West Directional Mist Spray

West Directional Mist Spray

Cleanse • Wisdom • Abundance

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West represents the water element. She relishes in supporting you in cleansing your body, mind, home, and energy so you can breathe life into stagnant energy and welcome in the new. This spray is perfect for using around the house when you want to uplift the energy or on your body when you want an energetic reset.

Our Promise

  • Trees Planted To Date

    Our mission is to leave our earth better than we found it.
    For every order made we will plant 1 tree through One Tree Planted.

Meet Our Founder

Tanicia Baynes
I'm a homeschooling mama to twin seven-year-old twins, Priestess in training, and the Earth-loving woman behind the curtain of The Rooted Experience and Wild + Rooted.

I created Wild + Rooted as a means of bringing sacred, earth-based remedies to busy women who crave a way to come home to themselves amidst the overwhelm of everyday life. I am devoted to bridging the modern world with the old ways of connecting deeply with Self and Nature through sustainable and effortless wellness tools that support your mind, body, and soul. I hope you like them as much as I do.

Real Reviews from Real Customers

Wow wow wow these oils are 100%!! Like, so good! I can’t stop smelling the spray. So so good. I can’t tell which is my favorite right now, but I just covered myself in the grounding one (NORTH) and I can’t stop smelling myself. Haha!
Since receiving this spray it has been the new go-to of my oil collection. I find myself reaching for it often when I am feeling busy and floaty. I spray the oil on my wrists, pause, and breathe deeply and I instantly feel brought back down to the Earth. I also love it during more formal self-care when I am practicing breathwork or meditation.
This spray smells SO good! It’s like I just walked through the woods and feel instantly calm and relaxed. I love how the smell lingers too, which makes the bottle last longer. I enjoy using it every morning to prepare for my day.



A tote bag that reflects the Goddess that you are
wild and rooted black logo

Women In Devotion

Diana is a divine warrior spirit who calls on her ancestors and worships the ways of the land. She embodies the wild and the calm and loves them both. Her primal nature is catalyzing and healing and her deepest desire is to support the soul in transcending its earthy experience and deeply aligning with its true nature.

* 17 3/4"W x 15 3/4"H x 6 1/4"D
* Cotton Canvas
* Gusseted bottom

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